Hello! My name is Julien and I’m a French video editor, with 7 years’ experience. I’ve worked in worked in Paris, BrusseIs and Montreal, and now I’m based in Dublin. I specialize in Offline Editing, and over the past 2 years I have diversified my professional portfolio by working as a VFX Editor, an Assistant Editor and an I/O Coordinator. I have held multiple roles with diverse teams of directors, producers, supervisors and artists, always working to tight deadlines and delivering top quality working line with the client’s vision and on time. Freelance or full time, I would be happy to work with you. So please, get in touch!

VFX Editor

As a VFX Editor / IO Coordinator, I'll conform the edit received from Editorial, keep everything up-to-date, liaise with Editorial, do the plates and finally deliver the compositions to the client. Weapons of Choice : Nuke Studio / Hiero / Filemaker / REDCineX

Offline Editor

My speciality: If you give me a brief or a script I'll be really happy to craft a story. Creative and able to work under pressure, I love to extract the best parts out of long interviews, as well as editing with or without music. Weapons of Choice : FCP7 / FCPX / PP / Avid MC

Assistant Editor

As an Assistant Editor, I’m happy to deal with syncing of all the cameras, and to export and ingest .edls, .aaf and .xmls. I will also keep the bay ready for the Editor so they are at ease cutting the show/feature. Weapons of choice : Avid MC / FCP 7